2 steps to Internet success

be HERE get known

Get Known and Loved by Search Engines to StandOut
Go to be here

be here

If you don’t have a website yet then it’s time you did. Our websites are custom-designed and tailored to modern Internet use so they display well on all devices, whether desktop, laptop, notebook, or smart phone.

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Go to Get known

Get known

It’s not enough to be on the Internet; you need to add a Youtube, Facebook, and G+ account so Google and people will take more notice of You.

Our videos are publicised using Google’s own tools. This makes them irresistible to Google in its search for greater profits.
It’s Youtube videos you see on Page 1 of Google search.

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3rd Magic Step Get ON TOP

The Magic Ingredient!
Our special touch
You need to be popular with the search engines so they will bring your site to the front according to what people are looking for. If you sell pizzas you’ll be competing against the likes of Pizza Hut and Eagle etc, so you need a way to stand out.

HOw We Do It

It takes a lot of work to get the job done.

Social Signals

Youtube Twitter G+ Facebook Instagram Pinterest etc
Google wants popular sites on Page 1 so it can charge more for the Ads so when yours has lots of mentions on social sites, it igos up the ranking ladder


Youtube for Google!
Video is the big thing on the Internet today. We supply links from Youtube accounts to yours which Google loves even more.


Rich Site Summary
RSS (Rich Site Summary) supplies routinely changing website content.
You can include your site and Youtube videos etc in an RSS Feed too, and then boost them with links.

AND more

A multitude of power-boosters
Some of the tools include RSS – Youtube Video – Youtube Linkwheel (several videos lining to the one which links to your sites) – Social Signals from Social Sites – Podcasts _ Press releases – Articles – Images


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